Trixie & The Art of Yoga

“Trixie & The Art of Yoga”

“The art Kartel’s” own Badder Israel teamed up with visionary filmmaker Shay Mohsin to direct an intimate film about “The Art Of Yoga” staring  Dana “Trixie” Flynn; owner & teacher at “Laughing Lotus” voted the best yoga center in New York City. Dana Flynn is celebrated for her raw and generous spirit and her uplifting innovative, and soulful Lotus Flow style of Yoga. This year marks her 25th year of teaching and her favorite thing about yoga is the YOGIS. She loves rebels,music, arugula, dancing with total abandon, poets, tulips, her toes forever in the ocean, biking and of course Glitter. She has had the outrageous privilege of being the cosmic mom and creatrix of Lotus NYC/BK for over 16 years.
*Music By: “Raga Malkauns – Alap And Gat In Jhaptal” by Vijay Raghav Rao with Alla Rakha