Art Ephemera TV: Episode 1 – Raul de Nieves and the Art of Shoes

Raul de Nieves is the focus of “Art Ephemera TV“‘s pilot episode. Amidst an array of wildly enchanting, multi-hued works of art, de Nieves took a break to discuss his many inspirations for our cameras. Though he works in a variety of media, for this episode, we’ve focused on de Nieves’ sculptures, which are made from worn-out women’s high heels. The artist commemorates each pair by covering them in vine-like beaded patterns that seem to grow almost organically from the shoes. Proving that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, Raul de Nieves has captured the ethos of “Art Ephemera TV” perfectly.

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Produced by: The Art Kartel

Filmed and edited by: Shay Motion