Art Ephemera TV: Episode 2 – Claudia Rey: Becoming Astro Girl

Artist Rey-Zorro (nee Claudia Rey) deconstructs pop iconography in a unique expression she calls “dis-installation.” The Brooklyn-based Rey started giving pop-art its stylistic makeover during the 1990’s when she designed fashion lines for the Liquid Sky shop in Soho, a center of the NYC rave explosion. She quickly moved into more abstract versions of art and design. By removing famous images of advertising, celebrity culture, and art history from their context, Rey lends them her conspiratorial vision, bursting forth from the new cyberpunk culture. She is the focus of “Art Ephemera TV”s second episode.
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Hosted by: Molly Laurie
Directed by:
Brian Chidester
Molly Laurie
Produced by: “The Art Kartel”
Badder Israel
Suave Rhoomes
Shay Motion
Filmed and edited by: Shay Motion
All images used in this episode were created by:
Claudia Rey
Liquid Sky Design:
All music used in this episode was created by:
DJ Soul Slinger
“Chega De Saudade”
“Abduction (UFO Mix)”